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Makarun Food Truck is coming!

To be everywhere you are, we decided to introduce a brand new franchise concept. Please, let us introduce the one-of-a-kind Makarun Food Track! It will soon be visible on Cracow's streets. Thanks to that, your favourite pasta is going to be even more accessible than it is now.

We just hit 20!

In February 2017, we opened our 2nd spaghetteria in Rzeszow, so it’s our 20th pasta bar in our Makarun network. We are already in 12 Polish cities!

New year, new openings

Year 2017 began with another successful openings. Apart from Warsaw, Makarun appeared in Silesia. The spacious and modern spaghetteria was established on Młyńska 15 Street in Katowice, simultaneously being the 20th Makarun pasta bar.

Makarun took control of Warsaw

John Paul II 38 Avenue is another location where our Makarun spaghetteria has been established. From January 2017, Warsaw residents can already choose out of five Makarun spaghetterias!

Our first spaghetteria in the mall

More and more interest in our brand resulted in the opening of spaghetteria in HIT Shopping Centre near Warsaw. The residents of Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki can visit our Makarun pasta bar from December 2016. It was a perfect end of the year and motivation for further actions!

Makarun as the best fast-food in Poland!

The Makarun brand has been awarded in the prestigious contest “Food Network Business Awards 2016”. Our network of spaghetterias won the category of "Fast-food" and received an honorable mention in the category of "The effective development of the brand."

Another opening in the capital of Poland

Our Franchisee decided to open another spaghetteria in Warsaw. In November 2016, the fourth Makarun on Wołoska 7 Street was established. Apart this location, residents of Warsaw can eat Makarun at the Central Station, Washington Roundabout and on Chmielna 26 Street.

We already have 16 Makarun venues!

Three in Warsaw, four in Cracow, two in Szczecin, Gdansk, Lublin, Białystok, Łeba Rzeszów, Kędzierzyn-Koźle.

Opening new venues in Poland

At the end of 2014 there were six Makarun venues.

Our first franchise venue – November 2013

The success of the venue at Kawiory encouraged young businessmen to expand their activity. In 2013 a new venue near the Kraków Market Square was opened. Other people also became interested by the success. As a result the venue had new owners.

Implementing a franchise system

The experience gained by passing the venue at Karmelicka as well as raising interest of people who were looking for a business idea resulted in implementing a franchise system.

Student-friendly Makarun

Makarun took a 17th place out of 717 venues in Cracow in the competition for student-friendly places.

Opening of our first venue in Cracow – May 2012

Three students were looking for a source of income. An idea came of a small gastronomy venue near the student campus. Together they developed a concept of the brand, product and functioning of Makarun. The first venue was opened in a special gastronomy caravan at Kawiory street. It was really popular among students.

Our team

Marcin Szworak Co-owner +48 691 254 638 marcins@makarun.pl
Przemysław Robert Tymczyszyn Co-owner +48 694 559 453 przemek@makarun.pl

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