Durum pasta – Makarun’s favourite
24 June 2017, author: Iga Tymczyszyn

Durum pasta – Makarun’s favourite

In any spaghetteria, the most important ingredient should be the best quality pasta. This is how it is in Makarun where 100% durum pasta imported directly from Italy is the basis of our dishes.

You may wonder why we have chosen this particular “made in Italy” pasta. Noodles made with durum wheat contains more nutrients than traditional pasta. Hard wheat, or rather Triticum durum, is known for its excellent properties from ages. It is cultivated in North Africa, southern Europe, China, Middle East and in some states of America. Dry climate is what this plant likes mostly. Italy is the main supplier of durum wheat which is mainly used in producing spaghetti and cuscus.

Pasta made with durum wheat is harder than any other and semolina – flour of this wheat, gives a characteristic, amber colour.

What nutrients it has? Only the good ones! Durum pasta contains a lot of phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron, folic acid and vitamins of group B. These components help us to fight against stress, improve functioning of the brain, regulate blood pressure, work of kidneys and heart.

Durum wheat is also rich in lutein which protects our body against free radicals and takes care of our sight. As you can see, there are endless benefits of eating this delicious pasta. Moreover, it is an excellent source of proteins and carbohydrates.

Low glycemic index makes that after eating it you can feel sated for a long time. Also, it has less calories than traditional pasta so it is recommended for people who care about their health and want to be fit.

Now, when you finally know one of our delicious secrets, you can visit Makarun and personally check unique flavor and healthy properties of our pasta. Bon Appetit! ☺