7 May 2018, author: Maja Tymczyszyn

Let’s be good not only on holidays-a charity campaign to help animals

Even in the nineteenth century, when great American entrepreneurs like John D. Rockefeller created their economic empires, hardly any industrialist was aware of the essence of business ethics or social responsibility, the most important was profit. It was only with time and next crises that some dependencies appeared between business and social needs. As a result, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) was formed. It is a concept that estabilish that enterprises as part of their activities take into account social interests and environmental protection. According to this approach, responsibility is not only economic, formal or legal issues, but also an increase in investment in the above-mentioned aspects, which may have a real impact on the efficiency of business operations and innovation of enterprises. As a result, all expenses under CSR should be treated as an investment for future profits. Thanks to the involvement of companies in charity activities, the interest of potential customers increases, their loyalty increases- many customers are guided by the company’s image when making a choice. In addition, a positive image of the company is formed among employees, participation in such actions is a non-financial way of motivating them. Such activities also have the benefit of increasing public awareness of social problems and the need to take action to minimize them. CSR is a very broad concept that hides a number of initiatives and companies decide what their involvement will look like. It can not be concealed, however, that more and more people take an active part in activities that have a charitable dimension. According to the report “Responsible business in Poland. Good practices “for a growing number of entrepreneurs, social responsibility is an essential element of their activity.

It isn’t different with us. We have already organized animal feed collections several times, and one of our Franchisees, Mrs. Bożena from Bielsko-Biała organized an animal collection campaign from a local shelter, which resulted in a huge success. This time we also want to support those who need this help the most. The fate of animals is not indifferent to us, therefore, together with our franchisees, we organized collection of food and accessories for needy. We operate in the catering industry, every day we care about it that none of our customers will leave our local to hungry so we thought: if we serve delicious pasta to people, why not feed animals? It would not have been possible without the involvement of our franchisees who showed great solidarity, empathy and organization. We involve our clients in the entire campaign, so all of us contribute to good, thanks to us, some piece of sad reality of these animals will become better.