Nothing can stop us
30 January 2018, author: Iga Tymczyszyn

Nothing can stop us

Warsaw is the capital of Poland but it slowly becomes the capital of Makarun!

On January 26th took place another – 6th! opening in this city – at Aleje Jerozolimskie 60b.

Varsovians cannot complain about lack of Makarun spaghetterias in this city as well as narrow menu because the range of offered sauces is the largest here in the whole history of Makarun Spaghetti and Salad chain.

Moreover, you can find here delicious extras such as rucola and cherry tomatoes – novelties in our chain.

To quench your thirst while eating tasty pastas, you can order refreshing Pierrot lemonades in various, exotic flavors.

Hope to see you soon there 🙂