We have it! Big Family Card in Makarun
7 May 2018, author: Maja Tymczyszyn

We have it! Big Family Card in Makarun

Our priority and main task is to provide our customers with the highest quality meals and care for their quality. We believe that our role doesn’t end there. Responsibility in business is not only economic, formal or legal matters, but it is also taking into account social interests.

We have taken action in this direction and, therefore, we are pleased to inform you that at our points at ul. St. Tomasz in Krakow, at ul. Półwiejska and in Galeria Malta in Poznań, in Płock, Swarzędz and in the premises near the Central Railway Station and in Galeria Północna, we already honor the Large Family Card.


What is the Big Family Card?


A Big Family Card is a system of discounts for large families, which allows its beneficiaries to benefit from a wide range of discounts. It’s owners have the opportunity to use the catalog of culinary, recreational or transport offer. In our premises under the Large Family Card, we grant a 10% discount to the entire order or an additional portion free of charge when purchasing three.

The listed places in Krakow and Poznań have started the honoring of the Big Family Card in our ranks, but there will be more of us! Helping is an important issue for us, soon the remaining premises will join us, and information about them will be successively appear in the update.